Housing Market Trends for 2013

trendsWith over 60 years of experience in home plan sales it is easy to see trends develop in the economy in relation to home planning. Typically there is a six to eight month delay between the time someone begins planning a home or project or purchasing house stock plans to when they actually begin to build. The cycle of ups and downs in the construction industry is constant and there are many different variables affecting peoples choices to build or not. As well major events on the world scene such as September 11th can throw a curve ball once in a while that can stagger an entire economy overnight. The last three trends in building have easily been seen by the slow down or increase in stock plan sales as well as custom design planning. What are the current housing market trends for 2013 indicating? While not reaching anything close to record levels there has been a steadily growing demand for house plans across North America. Of most interest is the modest yet continual increase in sales of home plans in the United Sates, a market which has been virtually dead for the last decade. This increase has been marked since the fall of 2011 and will continue to show in new construction starts over the next year. As consumer confidence grows and growth remains constant, even if it is not major growth, this will continue to fuel new home starts. One very interesting development as well has been the rise in custom home designs as this indicates a different consumer base, one that is made up of a more patient investor who knows when the market is slow it is a great time to build as costs are also low. These comments are based on the stock plan sales of Westhome Planners Ltd. (www.westhomeplanners.com) which is one of North America’s oldest and most established home plan providers, as well as statistics from some of their partner companies across North America.